please don't floop the pig

Just a collection of the things I've been making over the years. This will be a smorgasbord of old and new, nothing uploaded in a specific order.

About me

It’s always hard to think of a way to start a “biography”. Should I list my skills, explain how I got those skills or just start from the beginning and tell you where I was born?

I’m a webdesigner who got into the business just by doing “stuff”. I was playing a game and my fellow players wanted a website, so I made one. People needed some graphics to use on a forum, so I made some. They didn’t look good but that was beside the point. I’m a people pleaser. That’s not a bad thing because by doing favors for other people I learn and improve myself. There are so many skills I gained simply by saying “he wants ‘that’, I wonder if I can create it and give it to him”.

I’m great with Photoshop and a wizard at HTML & CSS. As always I’m continuing my study and picking up PHP. I studied Multimedia Design for a while at SintLucas in Boxtel, the Netherlands but I got bored because I couldn’t advance in the fields I wanted to. The internet is my teacher and it teaches me practical skills. I’ve learned to think for myself and love to philosophize about why things are the way they are. Why should that button be green and why should my paragraph be this wide. It helps me see through ‘rules’ of the design world.

I was born in a small town located in the south of the Netherlands. My father is a musician and builds boats, and my mother has worked many years for a well known warehouse. Ever since we got our first Pentium II with Windows 95 I was fascinated with what that big beige box could do. I got some old PCs from friends of my parents and started experimenting with sticking parts of one PC in another. That didn’t always work out well but that combined with how easy I could navigate the operating system without prior knowledge helped me see that I’m good at recognizing patterns and seeing what path people would follow when using an interface. It’s a great help when designing those interfaces of course.

I’m currently employed at Ons Net Eindhoven at the Innovation department. We offer IT solutions to help people in any way possible, from helping the elderly stay in their own homes longer to bringing people from the same neighborhood together.

Nick Betting