please don't floop the pig

Just a collection of the things I've been making over the years. This will be a smorgasbord of old and new, nothing uploaded in a specific order.


Von Morgen corporate identity

I participated in a contest to design a corporate identity for the company Von Morgen. The requirement was designing a unique style to be used by the company in public communications.

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Mega Mandy logo

A friend of mine wanted to go dressed as “Mega Mandy” (instead of Mega Mindy *hurdur*) and asked to design something that she could print on a shirt.

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Balance corporate identity

Back in 2010 I was asked to create a corporate identity for a company offering spiritual guidance and massages. The client had very specific demands and wanted to use very specific colors.

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Fuck The System poster

A poster I made for my nephew who deceased in 2013. He loved organizing parties (and going to them of course) and this was one of his biggest successes.

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Between Dark & Day

Two quick photo manipulations I made in 2010 for Jake Israel Grey and his awesome book series Dark & Day. In the book the sun is always at the exact same place on earth because of events in the past. One half of the planet is always dark and the[...]

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