please don't floop the pig

Just a collection of the things I've been making over the years. This will be a smorgasbord of old and new, nothing uploaded in a specific order.


Vriendentab website

A few tests with interface design and improving usability on tablets. The website allows friends to keep tabs on what they owe each other and lets you easily add or remove owed money with an app.

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Ricky Crijns portfolio website

Website I made for a friend of mine so she had a place to show the stuff she makes. She’s learning to make shoes and other clothing and accessories from leather using artisan techniques.

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design-v1 website

The website I designed for my father’s company. He repairs and builds yachts and ships and is pretty damn good at it. He currently runs a café and doesn’t do this kind of work anymore because of physical problems.

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Flashmob website

We were contacted about helping with organizing a flash mob to promote for a political party. I was tasked with designing a website that did not reveal who was organizing the flashmob but would be recognizable once the participants knew the organiser. The only purpose of the website was to[...]

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140 portfolio website

View: A design I made for my portfolio when running 140 designs. I wanted to play with some new web techniques (css animations) and try out a semi-responsive design with a 3D effect.

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